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Join me for unique trains such as Auric Basin and Tangled Depth Baubles, LS4, POF, and more! Depending on the map, enjoy map currency, EXP, and a fun time. The more the merrier!

Time: Generally Tuesdays and Saturdays around reset, reset+1, or reset+2 and lasts around 1 hour and 15 minutes (depending on the map). /sqjoin Peureki.3647 around 15 minutes before a train to join squad and say hi!

Train is less than 1 hour until it begins

Train is ongoing

Train scheduled

(Faded) Train ended, no new scheduled train yet

Projects in the works:

- YouTube video guides!

- Lake Doric timers
- Jahai Bluffs timers
- Desert Highlands timers
- General rework on all the others

- Chests
- Individual meta benchmarks
- General rework on map written guides
- Trade Contract worth
- Ascended material guides
January 16, 2020
- Reworked the homepage a bit:
- Removed a lot of white space
- Condensed the pictures and sections to fit more stuff on the page
- Added my logo to the website name and the shortcut icon
- Changed my email and reformatted the footer. (This will slowly be changed throughout the other pages too because I'm lazy)
- Added a section for my trains instead of just the timer
- Added a YouTube button for my YouTube channel!

January 5, 2020
- Added another trial run to the Auric Basin Shiny Bauble farm.
- Updated the map info page for Sandswept Isles as the pictures were super blown up.

January 2, 2020
- Added another trial run to the Bjora Marches Node Farm. Still averaging out to be around 20ish gph!

January 1, 2020
- Uploaded a new video! Bjora Marches Node Farm!
- Updated the Elon Riverlands timer page to include special info notes and other stuff when the meta shows up.

December 30, 2020
- Updated the timer page. Added Chak Driver event and changed some minor bugs overall.

December 29, 2020
- Updated the timer page for the Domain of Vabbi farm. I've added a lot of new tech that I learned from other timer pages and experimented on here. Hover effects, information boxes, and signals that show up when a meta is happening.
- Updated colors for meta timers on all timer pages. It is now a sandy-brown to indicate when a meta isn't up. I tried to find a neutral color.
- Revamped the Thunderhead/Kourna event farm. Did a new trial today with a new benchmark.

December 28, 2020
- Updated the map guide for the Domain of Vabbi farm.
- Updated the Domain of Vabbi timer page as it had some weird bugs that changed colors of texts and boxes at wrong times.
- Updated the Rich Node Farm. Redid the benchmark to now gather other nodes around the rich nodes. Also changed the route just slightly to include potential other rich nodes that may not be permanent. This standardizes the node farm with other node farms. It actually increased the GPH so..yay.

December 27, 2020
- Expanded the Currency-Worth page to include Trade Contracts.

December 26, 2020
- Updated JS for Drizzlewood Reward Track page. It used to reference two different spreadsheets, but now it's only referencing one and should load better.
- Added another trial run for Domain of Vabbi map benchmark.

December 22, 2020
- Updated timer pages. Ones that have global meta timers now have it displayed on the bottom and always at the bottom. Now it's easier to see that status of the map and when the meta will begin.

December 20, 2020
I barley update my Updates page, so I decided to put it here. By putting it in the front page, I'll more likey update my progress. This is to help me see what I've accomplished personally and to let anybody know what I'm doing if you're interested! I've lost track since October on what I did so I'll try to summerize it.

- Added the rest of the POF timer pages. Desert Highlands and Domain of Vabbi were left. Though, all of these need some stuff added to them such as meta timers and info boxes.
- Added IBS timers. Bjora will need some more work later to add a meta timer for both metas.
- Revamped every single timer's javascript. I did an overhaul on the structure and it should be much easier for me to work with. It is now flexiable if I need to add stuff in the future.
- Added extra information boxes for timers: Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths.
- Revamped map benchmarks: Domain of Vabbi, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands, Auric Basin. Some of these still need updated map guides tho.
- Added [SAND]'s Dry Top train! More info of their trains/website here.
- Added Meta Benchmarks to showcase how much you'd make per meta!

October 7, 2020
I realized I've been slacking on updating on this page. I kinda forgot what I did in the last few weeks.
- Updated all timers pages with some QOL changes such as auto sorting and checking the checkboxes as you load the page.
- Revamped Lake Doric to add a leather farm in the farm.
- As with above, reworked the Lake Doric map guide page
- Added lots of champion bag data
- Added lots of node farm data to the Node Calculator
- Added trials to many farms such as Auric Basin, Drizzlewood, Dragonfall, Tangled Depths, and some others that I can't remember

September 17, 2020
- Added a Node Farm Calculator on the gathering page

September 12, 2020
- Added Glyph research in the Gathering page. The avg profit per strike and node for most glyphs.

September 4, 2020
- Added LS3 currency page on how to obtain LS3 currencies
- Added additional trials to Lake Doric Node Farm
- Random bug fixes

September 1, 2020
- Created a new gathering farm. Lake Doric Node Farm (B/V/V). Uses Bounty for Sickle and Volatile for the rest.
- Updated Auric Basin's timer page as some of the times were wrong. Should be accurate now.
- Added thousands of champion bag data
- Added More-Resource page that offers lots of other external guides and info beyond this website

August 24, 2020
- Created a guide on how to obtain LS4 currencies

August 18, 2020
- Redid Desolation farm
- Added Desolation-timer page
- Added Desolation-map page
- Added an additional trial for the Bitterfrost farm
- Added an additional trial for the Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chest farm

August 15, 2020
- Added another trial for the Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chest
- Attempted to make some pages more mobile friendly. It's okay, but obviously not there yet. Working on it slowly in the background

August 9, 2020
- Added more trials for Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chests to get more accurate data. Apparently that just made it go up
- Added more trial for Silverwaste thanks to [SM]
- Added more trials for Crystal Oasis farm. Redid how I do the farm with the addition of the timer page
- Updated the Crystal Oasis map info page
- Updated some formatting to make some big things be smaller such as the event criterias in each map info page

August 4, 2020
- I got called out in PvP to update my guide for Drizzlewood LOL! So it's updated now!

August 1, 2020
- Added bounties to the Crystal Oasis tiemr page
- Added multiple trials for an average gold per hour for the new Drizzlewood patch
- Updated multiple champion bag data for a bigger sample size
- Added the addition 2 new reward Drizzlewood reward tracks in the Drizzle-Reward-Track page

July 26, 2020
- Added a "Value" button to the Salvage page. This shows the value of each salvaged item
- Added Crystal-Oasis timer page. Working on adding bounty locations and checkboxes
- Fixed a bug where the message "Train in progress!" wouldn't go away

July 23, 2020
- Did a huge overhaul of the salvage page. Essentially reworked, revamped the entire code for the page. The numbers used to be very static and was like a snapshot for a certain time but never updated. Now, the page will update the numbers everytime you visit the page!

July 21, 2020
- Added Salvage page under the Research tab! Check it out for information on salvaging items and gear. More work will be on the page over time!

July 19, 2020
- Updated support page

July 18, 2020
- Updated gathering pages to include a disclaimer that herbs and quality meat materials are only obtained after a player finishes the Gorment Training achievement.
- Updated the front page timer to include a message to say that a train is in progress right before and after the deadline
- Added another trial of Grothmar/Kourna train on the spreadsheet.

July 17, 2020
- Updated Drizzlewood-Reward-Track page to include proofs of each reward track
- Updated with a lot more information on Drizzlewood including info on waystations, siege, caravans, and methods on commanding

July 15, 2020
- Updated the description and links from the Gathering page
- Fixed an API error with the currency-worth page. Should be good now
- Added Ember Bay's timer page

July 14, 2020
- Updated the spreadsheet to have links of each farm to the website
- Fixed errors in the Bitterfrost map page
- Added missing Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chest section
- Apparently I just didn't finish the About-Benchmark page. Finished the "what's not monetized" section.
- Added my recommendation for trinkets on the Living-Story-Trinket page

July 13, 2020
- First official public release!
- Fixed errors in the Sandswept Solo Inquest Farm (description)
- Added a timer for the next Peu Train on the front page

July 12, 2020
- Added Drizzlewood map page
- Fixed more typos and errors
- Added "Projects in the works:" section on the top of this page
- Added "Next Peu Train" on the front page of when I do my farms. This updates based on my public spreadsheet
- Added Supporter page

July 9, 2020
- Added additional farm pages that I forgot. I missed a couple it seems
- Fixed a bug that made all the map/timer page links act like it wasn't a link
- Fixed spreadsheet error that made Bjora Marches appear twice
- Added spreadsheet links to map pages
- Added timer links to map pages
- Adjusted description of map farms
- Fixed typos

July 8, 2020
- Added pages too all farms (40+??)
- Added clickable names to the benchmark page so they will all redirect to the farm

July 7, 2020
- Added website icon on every page instead of having the default

July 5, 2020
- Added a trial farm of Tangled Depths, Drizzlewood Coast

July 4, 2020
- Added a link in the Resource section on About Benchmarks
- Added News to front page
- Made Currency-Worth page and Drizzlewood-Reward-Track page smaller in terms of design. Added some descriptions.
- Edited external links to open a new tab (probably missed some)
- Added email to the footer
- Added About-Me page

March 18, 2020 - July 4, 2020
I made this specific page on July 4, 2020 so I'm not sure exactly what the dates are for other updates I did for the website. March was when I first started learning how to code/make the website.