Happy EOD launch! It's going to take a while to learn/mastery these new maps and possibly rebench older benchmarks with new materials and Jade Bot stuff. I'll try and get it done asap! Thank you for your patience fellow choyas :D
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Estimated Gathering

About: These benchmarks are estimates on gathering farms. These numbers are calculated by taking the average value of a node, glyph, the time it takes for one character to do a round of a particular farm and combining those values to create an estimate.

For example, we'll use the Bloodstone Fen farm. Focusing on wood and plants, the average amount of nodes in a single map is around 15 Palm Saplings (Elder), 1 Ancient, 14 Jungle Plants, and 4 Mussels.

The math goes as the following:
(Avg value of node * avg glyph used) * avg qty of node. Sum of all of the rest of the nodes and that's the avg total for one run. Take the time it takes to do one run and multiply that to get an hour and that's the estimated gold per hour.

Note: These farms do not include random drops that you may get from fighting mobs or tagging an event along the way. Normally, that doesn't happen often so it doesn't affect the benchmark too much. But, a good example of this is the farm "Rich Nodes" which includes a lot of mob killing along the way in lower level maps. It does affect it by a lot, especially when it comes to T3-T4 mats. With that, refer to the real benchmarks above (though only recorded using Volatile tools as the baseline).
Top estimated benchmark using the best tools for each recorded farm
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Top 10 estimated benchmark using the best tools for a particular farm
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Choose a combination of glyphs and see what the best estimated farms would be.
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