Bitterfrost Frontier


Farm Type Farm Benchmark
Currency Info
Fresh Winterberry Gathered from nodes, Icebound Chests, map bonus rewards
Unbound Magic Gathered from all mobs, meta, most events, Fresh Winterberries (consumed), Glyph of Unbound






1-3, 9-10, 12-14, 6, 11, 4, 7-8, 15-16, 17, 5

Event #




= Chain event leading to event # [ ] Sorting by Event # shows chain events, cooldowns
# Qty Name Description Upscale Extra
1 9 Light the Kodan brazier Take a torch from a brazier and use it on an event brazier to start it. The more Braizers that are lit, the faster (but not too many or it will complete too fast). Spawns if #2 fails Possible champs, Mob density+
2 9 Defend the Kodan braziers from Jormag's minions If event #1 completes, this event will spawn eventually. Will spawn more frequently the closer the time is to the meta Possible champs, Mob density+
3 9 Defeat Jormag's Champions Champions will spawn randomly to one of the 9 lit braziers 1 Guaranteed champ each Respawns Icebound Chests
4 1 Kill the Svanir, free the quaggans Quick event Fake champs
5 1 Defeat the champion Svanir tyrant Very quick champion 1 Guaranteed champ
6 1 Defend the griffon chicks from the Sons of Svanir 9 waves of Svanir. Fails if all the chicks get defeated Possible champs, Mob density+
7 3 Trounce the veteran corrupted wolf Very quick event. Might be too fast for a squad
8 1 Protect the statue from destruction 5 waves of enemies. If this event fails, #9 eventually will spawn. Possible champs, Mob density+
9 1 Gather stones to bolster the statue of Chokocooka Gather stones. There are a lot of stones deeper into the cave. If successful, event #8 spawns eventually
10 1 Clear the streams of corruption so the quaggan can bathe 5 minutes of waves. Event fails easily if there is no attendance. If this event fails, #11 spawns immediately Possible champs, Mob density+
11 1 Destroy all the icebrood around the hot spring Only spawns if #10 fails. Quick event. If successful, #10 spawns instead eventually
These are the categories for how abundant the nodes are available in this zone

High Quantity

Meh Quantity

Low Quantity




Type Node Info Cooldown
Plant Fresh Winterberry Use to exchange for ascended trinkets or consume for Unbound Magic. There is a daily account limit 24 hours
Ore Mithril Ore Chance to receive crystals 1 hour
Ore Orichalcum Ore Chance to receive rare orbs ???
Log Cypress Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Troves (crystals) 1 hour
Log Ancient Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Treasures (orbs), or rare Palm Lumber Cores ???
Plant Verdant Herb Chance to receive Black Peppercorn, Head of Garlic, Rosemary Sprig, Thyme Leaf, and rare Varietal Peppercorn Seeds 1 hour
Plant Coral Chance to receive Coral Orbs 1 hour
Plant Leek 1 hour
Plant Winter Root Vegetable Chance to receive Beet, Parsnip, Rutabaga, Turnip 1 hour
Farm Type Farm Benchmark