Crystal Oasis

Crystal Oasis





Casino Blitz, 6, 10, 9, 8, 18, 19, 14, 12, 13, 21, 3, 4, 16, 17, 20, 22, 24, 7, 5, 1, 2, 5, 11, 25, 15, 23

# Qty Name Description Upscale Extra
1 1 Help Nasim gather fish Kill wildlife in the water and turn in materials to the NPC
2 1 Recover the sunken Consortium cargo Gathering materials for the NPC
3 1 Defend the Water Authority plant from Hamaseen saboteurs Defending NPCS from Hamaseen enemies. It's either this event or #4 that can spawn here
4 1 Defend the Water Authority facility workers as they repair damage water pipes Defending NPCS from various mobs Possible champs
5 1 Help repair leaks in the Amnoon Water Authority pipes Killing oozes to fix pipes. None of the mobs drop loot nor does it upscale.
6 5 Defeat the Forged raiding party A pack of Forged will roam an area. A second wave will spawn after killing the initial pack Possible champs
7 1 Help Talib recover his escaped sand shark pups CCing Sand sharks and throwing in the sand pit
8 1 Stop the stampede of choya before they break down the gate All the choyas!
9 1 Defend the Amnoon farmworkers form the Forged Multiple waves of Forged. Two waves on the top and bottom of the east part of the event Possible champs
10 1 See the refugees safely through to Amnoon Multiple waves of Forged in this escort Possible champs
11 1 Help Priest Bashshar get healers and medical supplies Short escort with 3 waves of Forged Possible champs
12 1 Defend the village of Kweli from the Forged This happens a minute after event #11. Defend for 6 minutes from Forged. Does not upscale well with large squads Possible champs
13 1 Reclaim the village of Kweli from the Forged Happens if event #12 fails. Capturing the village from Forged. Does not upscale well with large squads Possible champs
14 1 Escort refugees from the Temple of Kormir to the southern way station Takes a minute to start up. 3 waves of Forged enemies, but not a lot of total mobs Possible champs
15 1 Stop the Zaishen from desecrating the Temple of Kormir None of the mobs drop EXP or loot Possible champs
16 1 Defeat the champion (Wurm) Random champion wurm that throws that lots of poop AoEs. Somewhat difficult without some peeps 1 Guaranteed champ
17 1 Defeat the Champion Branded hydra Champion hydra, but runs away after taking a certain amount of damge. Stop it by mounting up and having at least 5? people use their special skill 1 Guaranteed champ
18 1 Disrupt the Forged ritual and destroy the crucible Start the event from the cliffs, then CC ritualists, then the crucible Possible champs
19 1 Kill the Forged commander Happens after event #18. A single Forged champion 1 Guaranteed champ, possible champs
20 1 Help Ashwah search for his missing daughter in the Brand Multiple waves of Branded mobs Possible champs
21 1 Drive back Balthazar's forces before they wear down Defending an area full of Forged Possible champs
22 1 Help the refugees each the oasis settlement Escorting NPCs, but there's barely any mobs that spawn
23 1 Scavenge supplies form the clifftop Zephyrite ruins Gathering materials for the NPC
24 1 Rescue refugees forced into labor in the Zephyrite mine Rescuing refugees and escorting them away from Forged
25 1 Help Olaf recover buried artifacts Gathering materials for the NPC
26 1 Help Salima gather stone and protect quarries from choyas Escorting NPCs and killing choyas

Casino Blitz

Probably one of the more simplier metas. Unlike most, this requires some participation by gathering floating Casino Coins that are scattered throughout Amnoon. For max effenciency to gather them all, check out Tekkit's Workshop guide.

There are 3 rounds for players to collect at least 150 Casino Coins. After 3 successful rounds, a Choya Pinata will spawn. Catch it before it escapes! It is possible to fail one round to spawn the Choya Pinata, but there still needs to be 3 successful runs. If a round fails, then that round repeats again.

The Choya Pinata offers a Crystal Oasis Hero's Chest that grants 3 guaranteed rare Unidentified Gear, a choice of either:
- Amalgamated Gemstone
- Pulsing Brandsparks (2)
- Intact Mosaic
- Pile of Elonian Trade Contracts (100)
- Recipe: Zehtuka's Harrier Inscription

There's a super rare chance for a Confetti Infusion to drop.


Node locations are subject to change due to new/different instances and new days
These are the categories for how abundant the nodes are available in this zone

High Qty

Meh Qty

Low Qty

Type Node Info Cooldown
Ore Mithril Ore Chance to receive crystals 1 hour
Ore Orichalcum Ore Chance to receive rare orbs 24 hours
Ore Quartz Crystal There's a rich node on the southeast corner of the map 1 hour/24 hours
Log Mebahya Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Troves (crystals), or rare Palm Lumber Cores 1 hour
Log Ancient Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Treasures (orbs), or rare Palm Lumber Cores 24 hours
Plant Pile of Flax Seeds Chance to receive Flax Fiber, rare Flax Blossom 1 hour
Plant Lentils 1 hour
Plant Mussel Chance to receive the very rare Freshwater Pearl 1 hour
Plant Cluster of Desert Herbs Chance to receive the Variental Seseme Seeds, Chili Peppers, Coriander Seed, Sage Leaf, and Sesame Seed 1 hour