Domain of Kourna

Farm Type Farm Benchmark
Currency Info
Inscribed Shard Gathered from Meta (Scarab Plague), Kournan Supply Caches, map bonus rewards, hearts
Volatile Magic Gathered from all mobs, meta, most events, caches, Inscribed Shards (consumed), Glyph of Volatility





Scarab Plague, 6, 2-3, 11, 4, 5, 7, LB, CB, CB, 10, 8-9, 12, 19-20, 13-15, 17-18, 16

Event #




= Chain event leading to event # [ ] Sorting by Event # shows chain events, cooldowns
# Qty Name Description Upscale Extra
1 1 Help Researcher Siris test his Rez-o-Matic device Kill enemies within the white circle. Two waves. Second wave has loot while the first doesn't
2 1 Kill the mutated rats Quick event. Kill veteran rats. The second event takes about 30 seconds before you can talk to the NPC to start it
3 1 Help Researcher Emm track the origin point of the mutated rats 2 waves. First wave are hyenas. Second wave could be Scales or Bats. The first the mobs die, the more waves spawn for more loot Possible champ, Mob density+ 1 Kournan Chest + 1 Possible Supply Cache. Once per day per character
4 1 Defeat the Champion Sand Shark Simple sand shark, just a champion 1 Guaranteed champ
5 1 Put an end to the choya chieftain Quick veteran choya event. There's usually 2 Kournan caches nearby that's not related to the event
6 3 Disable the Awakened Inquest cannon before it can fire If you arrive early, you can focus the mobs and cleave the cannon before event timer runs out. Otherwise, focus the cannon before it fails Possible champ, Mob density+
7 1 Clear out the Awakened Inquest Lab Very quick event to kill a few mobs 2 Kournan Chests. Once per day, per character
8 1 Collect shiny rocks for the beleguered farmer Decent gathering event, but takes 1+ minute of waiting to spawn the next event
9 1 Protect the farmer while he hunts for the choya 3 waves of choya. Pre-event takes too long to get to this event
10 5 Trample scarabs with your mount to contain the outbreak Not so great with a squad, but if you're solo or with a friend, very quick event. Use mounts to run over the scarabs. Beetle one-shots them
11 1 Repurpose the golem 3 waves of Awakened. First two can upscale, third does not. Fake champ at the end Possible champs, Mob density+
12 1 Defeat the Champion Abomination Very annoying champion to fight. When he puts up his shield, any attack gets retaliated into 1-shot attacks. Usually wipes groups 1 Guaranteed champ
13 1 Safely escort the caravan from the ally camp to the farmlands Simple escort, but none of the mobs drop loot or EXP
14 1 Stop the thieves from escaping the farmland with stolen supplies Same as above. No loot, no EXP
15 1 recover the supplies taken by Joko's loyalists Even worse than above. No loot, no exp
16 1 Defeat the Crazed Broodmother SUPER out of the way. You have to run far away and swim for a few minutes to spawn 1 Guaranteed champ
17 1 Protect Apizmic Grounds from a choya attack Cute, but none of the mobs drop loot
18 1 Retake Aplizmic Grounds from invasive choya None of the mobs drop loot
19 1 Protect the thorn wall from the Awakened None of the mobs drop loot
20 1 Defend the thorn wall shapers while they repair the wall None of the mobs drop loot
# Qty Name Description Upscale Extra
1 3 Destroy the control pylons Detailed description above
2 3 Secure the [location] Awakened Inquest cannon Detailed description above
3 1 Help your allies secure key positions in the Awakened Inquest facility Detailed description above Fake champs 4 large Kournan Chests, 2 Awakened Chests
4 1 End the plague experiments Detailed description above 2 Guaranteed champs Boss chest, 1 large Kournan Chest, 1 Kournan Supply Cache, 4 Kournan Chests
Legendary Mechanics Extra
Troopmarshal Olori Ogun Easy bounty with a large squad. He summons lots of mummies and knock back foes in melee range 1 Inscribed Shard
Agasaya Similar to a Pistol/Pistol theif. Pew pew pews. Drops bombs that explode when their timers run out
Asphodel Same as an Iboga. Poisons, confusion AoEs. Pulls in foes. Very very squishy
Cabochon Same as a Branded Griffon. Evades while flying, melee attacks
Enbilulu Same as a land shark. Evades while burrowing and knocks up foes when jumping back up. Does melee burst attacks
These are the categories for how abundant the nodes are available in this zone

High Quantity

Meh Quantity

Low Quantity




Type Node Info Cooldown
Ore Mithril Ore Chance to receive crystals 1 hour
Ore Orichalcum Ore Chance to receive rare orbs 24 hours
Wood Cypress Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Troves (crystals) 1 hour
Wood Ancient Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Treasures (orbs), or rare Palm Lumber Cores 24 hours
Plant Cluster of Desert Herb Chance to receive Chili Peppers, Coriander Seeds, Sage Leaf, Sesame Seed, Varietal Sesame Seed, Varietal Clove Seed 1 hour
Plant Desert Vegetable Chance to receive Cassava Root, Flax Fiber, Onion, Garlic 1 hour
Plant Mussel Chance to receive the very rare Freshwater Pearl 1 hour
Plant Pile of Flax Seeds Chance to receive Flax Fiber, rare Flax Blossom 1 hour
Plant Handful of Red Lentils 1 hour
Plant Ghost Pepper 1 hour
Farm Type Farm Benchmark