Depending on your account type (expansion or not), it may change what dailies you recieve for today.

Expansion + Level 80 Dailies

Free Account Dailies

UPDATE as of 3/28
Anet has confirmed that the api for https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/achievements/daily is currently broken. They are working on a fix for it. Sorry for the inconvience!
Copy Expan + LvL 80 Dailies:
Type Difficulty Daillies How-to Waypoint Link


Copy PSNA Waypoints/Locations:
Name Area How-to Location

Provisioner Tokens

Copy Waypoints:

HoT Maps

These specific NPCs have multiple tabs where there are multiple options to exchange. Only 1 exchange per tab can happen. This table displays the cheapest option within those tabs.
Map Faction Waypoint Name Qty Buy Price Sell Price


Map Faction Waypoint Name Qty Buy Price Sell Price

DWC Material Donations

These values are based on the total value of the reward tracks / 5000 for each commendation. The cost are items needed to be exchanged for the commendations. Note that while there are values per commendation, check your progress in whichever reward track of your choosing to see what reward is coming up. The values are long-term, assuming you work on completing the whole reward track. Ascended items and Mystic Clover values are not considered. Check the full reward track values here.
Cost Value:
Choose Legion for Charr Commendations:
Cost Commendation /Exchange
Reset in: