Projects in the works:

- Verdant Brink guide
- Auric Basin guide
- Tangled Depths guide

- Lake Doric timers
- Jahai Bluffs timers
- Desert Highlands timers
- Elon Riverlands timers
- Desolation timers
- Domain of Vabbi timers
- More gathering data
- More detailed gathering guides
- Home Instance
- Ascended Food
- Chests
- Individual meta benchmarks
October 7, 2020
I realized I've been slacking on updating on this page. I kinda forgot what I did in the last few weeks.
- Updated all timers pages with some QOL changes such as auto sorting and checking the checkboxes as you load the page.
- Revamped Lake Doric to add a leather farm in the farm.
- As with above, reworked the Lake Doric map guide page
- Added lots of champion bag data
- Added lots of node farm data to the Node Calculator
- Added trials to many farms such as Auric Basin, Drizzlewood, Dragonfall, Tangled Depths, and some others that I can't remember

September 17, 2020
- Added a Node Farm Calculator on the gathering page

September 12, 2020
- Added Glyph research in the Gathering page. The avg profit per strike and node for most glyphs.

September 4, 2020
- Added LS3 currency page on how to obtain LS3 currencies
- Added additional trials to Lake Doric Node Farm
- Random bug fixes

September 1, 2020
- Created a new gathering farm. Lake Doric Node Farm (B/V/V). Uses Bounty for Sickle and Volatile for the rest.
- Updated Auric Basin's timer page as some of the times were wrong. Should be accurate now.
- Added thousands of champion bag data
- Added More-Resource page that offers lots of other external guides and info beyond this website

August 24, 2020
- Created a guide on how to obtain LS4 currencies

August 18, 2020
- Redid Desolation farm
- Added Desolation-timer page
- Added Desolation-map page
- Added an additional trial for the Bitterfrost farm
- Added an additional trial for the Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chest farm

August 15, 2020
- Added another trial for the Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chest
- Attempted to make some pages more mobile friendly. It's okay, but obviously not there yet. Working on it slowly in the background

August 9, 2020
- Added more trials for Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chests to get more accurate data. Apparently that just made it go up
- Added more trial for Silverwaste thanks to [SM]
- Added more trials for Crystal Oasis farm. Redid how I do the farm with the addition of the timer page
- Updated the Crystal Oasis map info page
- Updated some formatting to make some big things be smaller such as the event criterias in each map info page

August 4, 2020
- I got called out in PvP to update my guide for Drizzlewood LOL! So it's updated now!

August 1, 2020
- Added bounties to the Crystal Oasis tiemr page
- Added multiple trials for an average gold per hour for the new Drizzlewood patch
- Updated multiple champion bag data for a bigger sample size
- Added the addition 2 new reward Drizzlewood reward tracks in the Drizzle-Reward-Track page

July 26, 2020
- Added a "Value" button to the Salvage page. This shows the value of each salvaged item
- Added Crystal-Oasis timer page. Working on adding bounty locations and checkboxes
- Fixed a bug where the message "Train in progress!" wouldn't go away

July 23, 2020
- Did a huge overhaul of the salvage page. Essentially reworked, revamped the entire code for the page. The numbers used to be very static and was like a snapshot for a certain time but never updated. Now, the page will update the numbers everytime you visit the page!

July 21, 2020
- Added Salvage page under the Research tab! Check it out for information on salvaging items and gear. More work will be on the page over time!

July 19, 2020
- Updated support page

July 18, 2020
- Updated gathering pages to include a disclaimer that herbs and quality meat materials are only obtained after a player finishes the Gorment Training achievement.
- Updated the front page timer to include a message to say that a train is in progress right before and after the deadline
- Added another trial of Grothmar/Kourna train on the spreadsheet.

July 17, 2020
- Updated Drizzlewood-Reward-Track page to include proofs of each reward track
- Updated with a lot more information on Drizzlewood including info on waystations, siege, caravans, and methods on commanding

July 15, 2020
- Updated the description and links from the Gathering page
- Fixed an API error with the currency-worth page. Should be good now
- Added Ember Bay's timer page

July 14, 2020
- Updated the spreadsheet to have links of each farm to the website
- Fixed errors in the Bitterfrost map page
- Added missing Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chest section
- Apparently I just didn't finish the About-Benchmark page. Finished the "what's not monetized" section.
- Added my recommendation for trinkets on the Living-Story-Trinket page

July 13, 2020
- First official public release!
- Fixed errors in the Sandswept Solo Inquest Farm (description)
- Added a timer for the next Peu Train on the front page

July 12, 2020
- Added Drizzlewood map page
- Fixed more typos and errors
- Added "Projects in the works:" section on the top of this page
- Added "Next Peu Train" on the front page of when I do my farms. This updates based on my public spreadsheet
- Added Supporter page

July 9, 2020
- Added additional farm pages that I forgot. I missed a couple it seems
- Fixed a bug that made all the map/timer page links act like it wasn't a link
- Fixed spreadsheet error that made Bjora Marches appear twice
- Added spreadsheet links to map pages
- Added timer links to map pages
- Adjusted description of map farms
- Fixed typos

July 8, 2020
- Added pages too all farms (40+??)
- Added clickable names to the benchmark page so they will all redirect to the farm

July 7, 2020
- Added website icon on every page instead of having the default

July 5, 2020
- Added a trial farm of Tangled Depths, Drizzlewood Coast

July 4, 2020
- Added a link in the Resource section on About Benchmarks
- Added News to front page
- Made Currency-Worth page and Drizzlewood-Reward-Track page smaller in terms of design. Added some descriptions.
- Edited external links to open a new tab (probably missed some)
- Added email to the footer
- Added About-Me page

March 18, 2020 - July 4, 2020
I made this specific page on July 4, 2020 so I'm not sure exactly what the dates are for other updates I did for the website. March was when I first started learning how to code/make the website.